Business Freedom Guide - Create a Business That Runs With or Without You

** Coaches, Consultants, Creatives, and Virtual Professionals **


Double Your Profits & Double Your Time Off 

I will show you how to take your existing business, existing team, the marketing you’re already doing, and squeeze 2-3 times the results.

Have you ever said to yourself, "I'LL GET MY BUSINESS UNDER CONTROL SOMEDAY"...

Maybe you've tried... Doing it Yourself  

But who has time? You didn't know where to start because you were already feeling overwhelmed. Basically, you don't know what you don't know!  

Maybe you've tried... Paying for Help  

You probably turned into a manager didn't you? Still directing people, still stuck in 'research mode' and still being exhausted. And probably wasted a lot of time AND money! 

Or maybe you've tried... Hiring a Coach  

You already get the "WHY" now you just want someone to show you the "HOW"! And you found the coach just as unorganized as you and didn't have any systems to emulate!  

You've tried, but nothing has stuck. Not only that, but...YOU'RE NOT WHERE YOU WANT TO BE.

Is this you? You have a steady workload but you've been so busy taking care of business that you haven't really gotten around to those details you meant to in the beginning. You know, things like creating a client intake process and drafting a policy and procedure manual. And you're so busy right now with managing your business (and that workload) that there never seems to be a good time to get organized. There's always something more pressing to do.  

Or maybe you're a coach and you LOVE love love helping people, maybe you excel at getting THEM organized, but your business back-end is a shit-show. Basically you are all sail and no anchor. You know you need help but have no idea how to go about getting help. You reinvent the wheel pretty much each month. 

Therein lies the rub.

You can't possibly get out of this state of chaos to get organized in a way that will help your business take off and allow you the freedom to finally go on vacation without your laptop. You're stuck in the gap. Not the GAP that sells comfy sweaters and other casual knits. The gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Without the structure in your business that you know you're lacking, you can't possibly operate at the level of efficiency you need to be operating at to grow.  

In fact, you're juggling so much right now without a proper support structure in place that you could quite possibly fall on your face or drop dead from exhaustion. Things are falling through the cracks, and you have no freedom. This is not why you worked so hard to set out on your own. But who wants to spend their precious free time working on operations procedures? You'd rather waste an hour on Twitter than sink an hour into your email management process. (Who could blame you?)  

And in those rare instances when you actually are motivated to sit down and focus on your operations, you get completely overwhelmed. You know what you need to do, but the "how"? That intimidates the hell out of you.  

So you keep on keeping on. You're doing more work than you have to, in a way that is not helping to grow your business, just to stay on the hamster wheel.

You must be completely exhausted.

My name is Lisa Wells and I've been running my own successful online business since 2005, helping business owners just like you to become more organized, systemized, and productive so that they have more ease and less stress. You don't have to break the bank or invest thousands of dollars, you just need great systems. Let me show you my simple but very effective processes to organize and simplify in order to gain more freedom in your business...


Everything You Need To Build SIMPLE Systems Get Organized & More Productive More Freedom in Your Business and More "Me Time" (because who doesn't want more me time?)

The Business Freedom Guide is an online course designed to organize and simplify your business — FAST. 



Too often I see people who have a critical patient on the table (STRATEGY) and they are busy decorating the operating room (TACTICS). As you have learned, all tactics with no strategy doesn't work.  

These simple marketing and relationship systems will help you discover where you're wasting time and losing opportunities, while teaching you how to take advantage of more of the people who are already coming through your virtual door. In this module, you'll discover: 

  • Offline Marketing and networking events. I show you my complete follow-up system for offline events and comes with a side dish of a leads action plan so you'll finally know what to do with all those business cards that are just laying around.
  • Online Marketing. Trust me, having an expensive or cool website doesn't matter if it doesn't do any heavy lifting. Search engine marketing will most likely break the bank. And all the fancy marketing tactics in the world won't get you where you want to go if you don't have the basics down. My goal is to give you only what you need to not only fill in the most common gaps that keep business owners from getting to the next level, but also to help you build a strong foundation for your business.
  • Social Media. THE #1 topic I get most asked about how to create a system around! I show you why you aren't getting as much social media traffic as you'd like and what to do about it, what activities actually further your business and which ones waste your time, and I'll share my social media strategy and a system that will take you an hour a week to use.
  • Free Consultations. Also known as discovery sessions or strategy calls, I'll show you how to painlessly weed out those who can't afford you, won't do the work or just aren't the right match - before they even sign up.  


Delighting your clients from the start means they'll return and send referrals. Without a great intake system, you'll end up recreating the wheel over and over again. #wasteoftimeandenergy

I also take you through my systems for client intake, onboarding a client, and relationship progression. How many times have you ended a service with a client and you KNOW there's more that you could do for them? (Yeah, me too.) I am going to show you how to WOW your clients so that they return. In this module, you'll discover: 

  • Identifying Your Ideal Client. A simple system to quickly identify your best customer or ideal client.
  • Client Intake and Onboarding. How to stop winging it when it comes to setting boundaries and what to do when clients push boundaries, plus a great system for a smooth client intake and setting up the client for success from the beginning that you can model.
  • Relationship Progression. So, if you're flying around the country doing speaking gigs - and each one of those gigs is the end of the line for the money flow - then you're what Christine Kane, one of my favorite transformation coaches, calls a "Transactionist." When your business relies on transactions alone, it's a lot more effort for you. You work constantly to find the buyer, market to the buyer, sell to the buyer, fulfill the sale - and then start all over again. It takes a lot of energy! You need to have a system to show your client how to take the next step with you. (Hint: I give you one!)  


Without a clear plan for delivering the products and services you sell, you're simply flying by the seat of your pants. Aka winging it. Aka losing money.  

When it comes to production, the mere thought of creating products overwhelms business owners. Having created dozens of products, I can tell you there is A. CRAP. TON. of moving parts. But I actually really dig that stuff, that's my thing. (I'm guessing not so much for everyone else?) I show you some simple systems and processes on how to break this down into manageable pieces. In this module, you'll discover: 

  • Creating New Products. My simple system for product creation where I'm going to walk you through creating and launching a product. I also share my action sheet for how to create a project plan as well as sample project plans.
  • Package Pricing. Want to know how to make more money? It's called Package Pricing. Maybe you've heard of it ;) This is a framework that will walk you through setting up your business so that you create a more cohesive customer experience for your customers and clients and, more important, you can get away from spending all that time on customized quotes or feeling like you are working without getting paid.
  • Referrals and Testimonials. I will show you some great simple systems on how to handle referrals and testimonials because they are often overlooked or treated as an afterthought, but it's SUPER VALUABLE and so easy to build into your overall systems. Not only that, it doesn't cost you anything to implement, it has huge returns, and it is something that you can definitely automate. 


Raise your hand if you want to leverage yourself and have even more freedom from your business.  

If building your high performance team has eluded you or you haven't even hired your first virtual team member, this module is going to be golden for you. I'm going to take you through the process of how to hire that special someone and how to effectively manage them. (You can put your hand down now.) In this module, you'll discover: 

  • Team Roles and Reporting Systems. This lesson is mainly about how to set things up so that things don't fall through the cracks and how to expertly manage your team and switch from "doing it all" to one of delegation and oversight. Ahhh relief.
  • Effective Email Management. I show you how to set clear guidelines so that you feel confident delegating this time-sucking task that most business owners don't want to give up, as well as tips to effectively manage incoming and outgoing email.
  • Building Your A-Team. The biggest mistake I see business owners make is that they know they need someone so they post on a forum somewhere, "Anyone know a good VA?" This will hardly ever yield you a qualified candidate for your high-performance A-team. I will show you a clear system for how to find the right person and onboarding and training tips and strategies. Finally, you will become the visionary instead of the workhorse in your business! 

And to make you feel supported every step of the way, you'll get lifetime access to the Business Freedom Guide.

Plus these BONUSES


Financial & Payment Systems for the Solopreneur 

If you are in year 1 or year 10, it's never too late to get your financial act together. 

This bonus is about bookkeeping - recording what's coming in and what is going out - and other systems that you can easily set up and use in your business. I show you simple systems for setting up your business for financial success and provide lots of helpful worksheets, letters, and resources to help save you time and be more productive. Along with the training video, I'm including some valuable resources:  

  • Business Accounting Worksheets - for the pen and paper gals like me who want sheets that you can print out and touch and feel  
  • Sample Chart of Accounts - if you are frustrated by the examples that only focus on large businesses or brick and mortar businesses, look no further! I am giving you MY chart of accounts that I use for my online business that is so easy and straightforward you'll save hours of time 
  • I also include Payment Letters which are template emails that you can use in your business that will help you collect payments owed, sample emails to send if your client's payment failed, renewal reminders, and more!  

(Value $97) Included with the Business Freedom Guide!


The Famous SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) Hub

When I first started building this program, the SOP Hub was my most requested item!

"I don't know where to start with documentation, can you help?"  

"Do you have an example of how to create a step-by-step process?"  

"Do you have samples of processes that I can model after?"  

YES! Yes! and Yes! The SOP Hub contains many examples of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and sample processes that will work for your business. Though I added a number of actual procedures that I use in my own business, these are meant to show you the many ways that you can create your own processes and procedures - whether it's listing "weekly tasks" or a step-by-step of how to do something so that you can train a new team member, automate your business for when you go on vacation, or even sell your business. Here are just some of the processes that are waiting for you in the SOP Hub:  

(Value $297) Included with the Business Freedom Guide!


What I'm providing in this program is critical in helping you build those solid foundations that will let you scale your business, bring in more profit, and enjoy more freedom.  

The additional bonuses alone will not only set you up for success, but gives you a running start in building profitable processes.

There’s simply no other online business systems course that is results-focused that can help you get organized once and for all. (And finally go on vacation without that laptop!) 

Here's what you get in the Business Freedom Guide Program:

The program includes 13 video lessons, ready-ref guides, workflows, project plans, templates, done-for-you processes and procedures and everything you need to create totally priceless systems in your business.  

Information Packed Video Classes. Each module will give you training lessons on how to identify the money leaks and gaps in your business and identify solutions for closing them.  

Audio from the Video Classes. I've made these available in audio format so you can listen in your car on your iPod, whenever you wish. Like on your way to the GAP. (couldn't help myself.)  

Templates, Ready-Ref Guides, System Plans, and Done-For-You Systems. Each module comes with hand-selected, done-for-you, step-by-step systems that support the strategy I cover.  

Bonuses. I'm including PRICELESS bonuses such as the Financial & Payment Systems for the Solopreneur and ready-and-done-for-you processes in the SOP Hub. You'll feel fully supported, empowered, and ready to systemize EVERYthing in a very short time.  

Everything is 100% online and ready for you right now - no dripped content and no waiting!  



If this speaks to you, if this is what you have been looking for or if you are drawn to this program, please get it so you can save yourself the years of frustration and huge financial investment you'd make if you just kept winging it!

To be really honest with you, as you might imagine, people come up to me All. The. Time. and want to pick my brain about their online business. And very often, in that moment, they feel that nothing they do works and nothing will. And from where they are standing, that's probably true. When BAD systems happen to GOOD people, they get exhausted and want to give up. But the truth of the matter is, in most cases, you just don't know what you don't know!  

These step-by-step systems are proven, they work, I use them and my clients use them. If you want a solid business foundation, then take action right now and do this for yourself!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.